Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Run, run, run as fast as you can...

 With Christmas round the corner, and me taking part in 2 of Hookin With Laalaa's christmas swaps, AND doing another craft fair at christmas for a local school.
I've been busy, busy, busy!

But i just thought i'd give you a little sneak peak at some new decorations i'm currently making...

I've made lots of little felt decorations too, but as some of them are part of my swap i cannot show them to you just yet ;)

As it's our first proper Christmas at home this year, i'm trying to make it as homemade as possible!
The theme is Gold & Red
So currently trying to make all my decorations, might even have a go at making a wreath!
I'm really starting to dislike tinsel, so i think i will make some little garlands to go around the tree this year.

Just wanted to say a quick thankyou to Project-Goddess and KandiPandi for your kindness at helping me out with my 'Lets Knit For Charity' appeal.
Kandi sent some beautiful little crochet hats, and PG sent me some white and pink wool.
I've already started making some little pink hats, and just brought some beautiful blue wool.

I'm going away in 10 days for a little family holiday which i'm really looking forward to as i need a break!
But my knitting needles will be coming with me, as i have 1001 things to do in the next 2 months.
Next year, i will be much more organised!! Haha :)

Hope your all having a lovely day
Love to you all, Jodi xx


  1. Oh your makes are lovely,go on and have a go at wreath making its so easy,i started 2 years ago making fresh ones and by word of mouth i started selling them,omg i have loads of orders for this year its going to be manic! lol x

  2. I have some wool i could send you or is it too late? let me know! By the way im VERY excited by those gingernread men ;-D