Monday, 12 September 2011

Lets knit for charity!

I am organizing a little Knit-Together for the Special
Care Baby Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford

I've started to knit little hats for the babies in SCBU, i'm not that talented when it comes to knitting. I can only manage scarfs and hats! Now it's getting colder i thought it would be a good idea to knit little jumpers, cardigans and hats for the little ones.

As it's Christmas soon, i wanted to do something special for their charity SSNAP

This is a subject very dear to my heart...

My son Finlay was born at 32 weeks, weighing just 3lbs
I had the perfect pregnancy (Or so i thought...) When he was born, there were many complications, some i'd rather not mention.
At one point we thought he wasn't going to make it.
If it wasn't for the help of the midwives, nurses and doctors, he wouldn't be here today.
SSNAP really helped me, and i can't thank them enough for the support they offered me and my partner through a very difficult time.

This is Finlay today...

I am so grateful to everyone who works in SCBU, they really are angels.

I would love and really appreciate it if everyone that follows my page would knit maybe 1 or 2 items (Or donate wool, patterns etc.) that i can take to the unit.
My son has 4 routine check-ups every year and his next one is on Monday 7th November
(So ideally items should be sent to me by 1st November)

If anyone would like to help, please can you send me a PM or leave a post on here so i can contact you with my address to send the hats/clothes too.

I've already started knitting...

This little hat would fit a 24 week old premature baby.
If you would like any links to websites for patterns please let me know :)

I hope everyone can take part, it's such a worthwhile cause
The unit doesn't have money to buy clothes, nappies, sensory toys, blankets etc. They rely on donations and support from the government.
If you would like to donate to the charity there is a link on their website

Thankyou for listening to my story
I hope everyone can help out and keep a little one warm this winter with some handmade knitted items

Love to you all, Jodi xx


  1. Aw Jodi he's adorable!!!
    I will of course knit you some bits up no problem.
    If you have links to patterns please send them on or Tweet me with them and I'll knock some out before your deadline.
    Fabulous cause
    Kandi xx

  2. Hi Jodi. Of course I'll knit some stuff to help out. I will have a look on Ravelry for some patterns. Please let me know what I need to do. Lovely idea. Well done you! Finlay is adorable! xx

  3. I'll try and knit a couple of things! Do you have any patterns or sites for patterns? I can just google if thats easier? My Cousins Twin boys were born 2 months early, it was heartbreaking! I was a prem child myself too!

    P.S your litlle dude is adorable :-)

  4. This is quite a good site, but there are lots on Google :)

  5. My oldest son is a SCBU baby too. Addenbrookes and Ipswich. I am not really a knitter but I will see what I can come up with. Xx

  6. Hi Jodi, just wanted to ask your advice! My cupcake parcel for the swap has not arrived for my partner! I sent it almost two weeks ago second class! I don't know what to do! I'm gutted if the handmade stuff is lost and I can't really afford to re-buy the other stuff - but it's also not fair on my partner!
    :( x

  7. Hi Jodi, thank you for arranging the cupcake swap I had a lot of fun choosing and making items for my partner and I received some beautifully made items in return. Please would you send your address to me - I know I have some 4-ply yarn in my stash and I would love to knit some baby clothes to send to you. Best wishes, Pj x

  8. I would love to crochet some little hats for you to take to scbu. One of my twins was in in scbu for a short time and the nurses were fantastic.

  9. Hello,
    I tried making a crochet hat for a preemie last night from the pattern Kandi gave me, but it's TINY. I have no point of reference but think it's too small - can you tell me what size the finished hat should be? And also where to send them?