Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New items, Christmas fete and more...

Hello everyone
I'm very sorry i've been neglecting my Blog recently, but i was away on holiday for a week, and now the family (including me) has the flu.
I have managed however to create some new items to sell on my facebook page and at craft fairs.
What do you think to these hanging Apple decorations?
Perfect gift for a teacher or lover of fruit!

Another item, that was made earlier this morning...
Baby taggie comforter, ideal as a new baby gift or just to spoil your little one! Don't worry, we all do it!
I have some fabric on order at the moment, so there will be some 'girly' ones soon :)

After the disaster that was my first craft fair, and all your lovely comments of support. I have managed to get a stall at a Christmas Fete at Pegasus School in Oxford, my auntie works there which is also a bonus as she says it gets incredibly busy!
I can't show you all the items i have been making as some of them are part of my 2 christmas swaps i'm taking part in. But here are some lovely little decorations...

How cute are they!?

They are as cheap as chips! I'm selling them for just £2.50 each!!
The little reindeers come in either red or white, and are ready to hang (comes with twine)
My gingerbread men sold so quickly, so i've got some on order and just waiting for the postie to deliver them. Hopefully i'll have some left to actually sell at the stall!

Anyway, i better go. Little man is being very clingy at the moment, and wants a cuddle.
Hope your all having a fabulous half-term week, got any plans?

Love to you all, Jodi xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Wilbur and friends

I made a new friend for Wilbur...
His name is Daniel the Dinosaur
He's a friendly chap and loves to munch on leaves!

I'm really enjoying making 'Plushies' for my page, all of them will be £5.00
Which i think is a great price, and perfect for stocking fillers, new baby gifts and birthdays :)

What do you reckon?

All my plushies are made with felt, DMC thread and polyester toy stuffing.
I've sewn the eyes on all my plushies so he is perfectly safe for babies and children.

Only a short post today, as my little man has just woken up.
Hope your all having a lovely day, the sunshine is out in Oxford!

Love to you all, Jodi xx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wilbur the Whale and other stories...


My business cards have finally arrived!

I've been waiting a long time for these, and i'm very pleased with them!
I can finally promote my business at craft fairs, and i will also be sending a few with sold items through my facebook page.
I've been trying to improve the look of my page by taking professional photos of my items and trying to contact all my likers and letting them know about my new products.
Here is a link to my page:

I'm very sorry i haven't written much on here...
I'm taking part in 2 Christmas swaps, knitting hats for SCBU and making stock for my christmas craft fair.
I'm away on holiday next week, so trying to cram as much in as i can!

Just thought i'd introduce you to Wilbur the Whale.
He's a new creation of mine from my new 'Plushie' range, i'm currently designing some more friends so he won't be alone. Wilbur has already made his way into my FB Page shop, and is a bargain at just £5.00!
He's made with felt, DMC thread and filled with polyester toy stuffing. He has sewn on eyes so is safe for children. Great stocking filler!

What do you think?
I have some other new items in my shop too, so go check them out!
 If there is anything in particular anyone would like to see, please say! I really enjoy crafting and making things and am happy to share my upcoming projects with you all :)

Hope your all having a lovely day/week, what projects have you been getting up too?
Love to you all, Jodi xx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goodbye Fudge

Yesterday we said goodbye to Finlay's pet rabbit Fudge.
We brought her for Finlay last year as an early christmas present, but the last few months our council tax and rent has gone up. And unfortunatley we agreed to find a new home for her, as we couldn't afford to keep her anymore :(
Luckily a family friend was looking for a rabbit anyway, so she came and picked up Fudge and the hutch yesterday. I didn't know wether to let Finlay say his goodbyes but i didn't want him to get upset and ask where she was. So he said his goodbyes, and they left.
He was heartbroken.

Our friend only lives round the corner from my Mum so it will be easy for him to go and visit. But i've promised him a toy bunny that he can keep forever.
If anyone knows of a good online toy shop or boutique please let me know.

Hope your all having a lovely day x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Run, run, run as fast as you can...

 With Christmas round the corner, and me taking part in 2 of Hookin With Laalaa's christmas swaps, AND doing another craft fair at christmas for a local school.
I've been busy, busy, busy!

But i just thought i'd give you a little sneak peak at some new decorations i'm currently making...

I've made lots of little felt decorations too, but as some of them are part of my swap i cannot show them to you just yet ;)

As it's our first proper Christmas at home this year, i'm trying to make it as homemade as possible!
The theme is Gold & Red
So currently trying to make all my decorations, might even have a go at making a wreath!
I'm really starting to dislike tinsel, so i think i will make some little garlands to go around the tree this year.

Just wanted to say a quick thankyou to Project-Goddess and KandiPandi for your kindness at helping me out with my 'Lets Knit For Charity' appeal.
Kandi sent some beautiful little crochet hats, and PG sent me some white and pink wool.
I've already started making some little pink hats, and just brought some beautiful blue wool.

I'm going away in 10 days for a little family holiday which i'm really looking forward to as i need a break!
But my knitting needles will be coming with me, as i have 1001 things to do in the next 2 months.
Next year, i will be much more organised!! Haha :)

Hope your all having a lovely day
Love to you all, Jodi xx