Saturday, 5 November 2011

Craft Stall and Fireworks!

Today was the day of my second Craft stall, and i'm really pleased to say it went quite well!
It was only in a village hall and it wasn't incredibly busy but i did make a few sales.
A lovely lady had said her daughter in Washington DC has heard of my work, wether it's through my Blog or FB page and told her to check my stall out, i was very touched!
There was a range of stalls there, including a jewellery stall which was run by a very nice lady. I ended up buying a lovely pair of green drop earrings, she makes all the glass beads and stones herself. She's in the process of making a website so once it's up and running i'll put a link in my next post.
But here is a picture of my stall, i think it was safe to say i brought the right amount of stock with me...

Tonight we went to the Bonfire and Firework display in Stadhampton.
There was no fee to get in but they asked for a donation, i was very impressed! Food wasn't too expensive either (which is rare!) absolute nightmare getting out of the carpark though!
Didn't take too many pictures, as i forgot to charge my camera... "/

Finlay enjoying the fireworks :)

Did any of you guys go to a firework display? I used to HATE fireworks when i was little, but now i have a little boy myself, i put on a brave face and grin and bare it.
Anyway, i can't really write about what i've been making as i'm taking part in the christmas swap. So it's all hush hush until christmas time.

Hope you have all had a lovely week, and have a great weekend!
Love to you all, Jodi xx