Saturday, 5 November 2011

Craft Stall and Fireworks!

Today was the day of my second Craft stall, and i'm really pleased to say it went quite well!
It was only in a village hall and it wasn't incredibly busy but i did make a few sales.
A lovely lady had said her daughter in Washington DC has heard of my work, wether it's through my Blog or FB page and told her to check my stall out, i was very touched!
There was a range of stalls there, including a jewellery stall which was run by a very nice lady. I ended up buying a lovely pair of green drop earrings, she makes all the glass beads and stones herself. She's in the process of making a website so once it's up and running i'll put a link in my next post.
But here is a picture of my stall, i think it was safe to say i brought the right amount of stock with me...

Tonight we went to the Bonfire and Firework display in Stadhampton.
There was no fee to get in but they asked for a donation, i was very impressed! Food wasn't too expensive either (which is rare!) absolute nightmare getting out of the carpark though!
Didn't take too many pictures, as i forgot to charge my camera... "/

Finlay enjoying the fireworks :)

Did any of you guys go to a firework display? I used to HATE fireworks when i was little, but now i have a little boy myself, i put on a brave face and grin and bare it.
Anyway, i can't really write about what i've been making as i'm taking part in the christmas swap. So it's all hush hush until christmas time.

Hope you have all had a lovely week, and have a great weekend!
Love to you all, Jodi xx


  1. Hi Jodi, I kind of met you on twitter - my first day today! You were chatting to my lovely mate Kandipandi! Nice to meet you!

    Glad your fair went well, I am doing my first stall tomorrow and I am quite nervous! Pop over to my blog if you have time xx

  2. Yay really glad it went well for you that last one was just a blip!
    Your stall looked great and I'm amazed at the woman that came on a recommendation from the USA!
    Keep it up!
    Kandi xx

  3. I'm so pleased that it was good for you this time. Put that behind your now and enjoy them. xx

  4. I am so glad that your craft fair went better this time - keep us posted on when and where you are doing the next ones won't you? You aren't *that* far from me and I'd love to come along to one

    How cool that someone found via America!... I love how small the world is in blogland!