Thursday, 6 October 2011

Goodbye Fudge

Yesterday we said goodbye to Finlay's pet rabbit Fudge.
We brought her for Finlay last year as an early christmas present, but the last few months our council tax and rent has gone up. And unfortunatley we agreed to find a new home for her, as we couldn't afford to keep her anymore :(
Luckily a family friend was looking for a rabbit anyway, so she came and picked up Fudge and the hutch yesterday. I didn't know wether to let Finlay say his goodbyes but i didn't want him to get upset and ask where she was. So he said his goodbyes, and they left.
He was heartbroken.

Our friend only lives round the corner from my Mum so it will be easy for him to go and visit. But i've promised him a toy bunny that he can keep forever.
If anyone knows of a good online toy shop or boutique please let me know.

Hope your all having a lovely day x


  1. So sad for you both - glad Fudge is going to somewhere you can still pay a visit to though. Look up hermann rabbit on amazon - they have some really lovely lifelike bunnies but without any battery movement which you may not want if Finlay is going to take it to bed with him?

  2. Oh this is so sad, bless him. At least you know he is going to a good home and will be well loved and looked after, and you can still visit which is an added bonus xxxx

  3. At least fudge is going to a good home!! Poor Finlay! Have you tried the bear factory? You can dress those rabbits up and make them as soft or hard (stuffing wise) as you like! They even get a little heart stitched into them! :-P

  4. Oooo, I didn't think of that! There is actually a build a bear workshop opening in Oxford soon, so I'll see if I can get a black rabbit from there :)