Thursday, 11 August 2011

New creations and yummy treats!

Hello fellow crafty bloggers!
I really need to start blogging more, i keep meaning to do it in the evenings. But after cooking dinner and looking after a toddler all day, i just wanna be able to relax!!
Just thought i'd share with you my new cushions i have made today...
What do you think?

Pink Patchwork Cushion
Blue Patchwork Cushion
Mini Rose Patchwork Cushion

I'm absolutely in love with patchwork stuff at the moment, currently trying to find a good book. Can anyone recommend a good one for patchwork and quilting..?

Only 2 more weeks till my first EVER craft stall!!
Getting very excited now, i hope people like my stuff and i can manage to actually sell something!
I will let you all know how it goes :)
I have lots of stock built up including, Hanging Hearts, Candles, Lavender Bags, Cushions, Pegs, Magnets, Cards, Pincushions, Bunting etc.
Better start getting ready for the Christmas markets soon!

Finlay is off with his great Auntie today (Probably terrorizing the cat...)
So i managed to get lots done, and even treated myself to a very delicious teatime cake!

Delicious blueberry and cream filled Muffin and a cup of tea :)

It was very yummy indeed!
If i could of shared it with you all i would have... Maybe ;)
Hope you've all had a wonderful crafty day!
Love to you all, Jodi xx


  1. love the cushions! and what a delicious looking muffin x

  2. I hope the stall does really well, I'm sure people will love your things xxx

  3. Great fabric choices for your cushions - they look lovely x Good luck with your crafty stall

    Leah x

  4. There are some great books by Emma Hardy - Quilting in no Time, and Sewing inno Time.

    I recently did my first craft fair too! You sound really organised so enjoy your day. I can't wait to do more now :)

  5. Yeah, I'm having a craft stall on Thursday :) But I will be making more to sell online xx