Thursday, 25 August 2011

My First Craft Stall

Me at my very first craft stall

Lavender Bags & Handmade Cards

Patchwork Cushions & Teacup Candles

Pegs, Spoons, Heart Plaques, Wax Melts & Pincushions

Bunting, Hanging Hearts, Plaques and Magnets
Not sure what to say.
We got to the market at 7:30am to set up and left at 4:00.
I made £26
I'm so incredibly upset, people were walking past and just 'pfft' -ing at my stall. Some lady asked why i was selling Cushions and candles....


I've really been put off from doing a craft market again, i think i'll just stick to online selling
(Not that anyone actually buys anything off me!)
Not sure what else to say...


  1. Jodi, so sorry you had a shitty day! Perhaps it wasn't your stuff but more the type of people that attended. I've heard a few craft stallers say that their first couple of fairs were rubbish only to go really well after that, it's very hit and miss, please don't give up!
    One thing though, I looked in your side bar and I can't find a link to your online shop ~ might be good to pop one in there.
    Anyhooo, don't give up, I would have migrated straight over to your stall if I'd been there.
    Great stall - crap customers, that's my verdict.
    Chin up
    Kandi x

  2. so sorry hun. your stall looks great. Not sure market stalls are great to sell at. Try a bigger indoor fair, esp school fairs at christmas xxx

  3. Oh Jodi! I'm so sorry that you had a crappy day. I've been there myself and, like you, I just think I won't bother again. I do agree with Kandi though that it was your customers and not your products that were at fault there. I used to sell at craft fayres with my auntie and peoples' negative comments are really hurtful as is trying and not selling. Don't give up hope sweetheart. xx

  4. awwww huni- your gorrrgeous , beautiful crafty goodies- i love the hearts and all of the creations!...i had a similar feeling when i ran a craft stall on a busy devon market- i was heavily pregnant and trying to be polite to very rude customers who didnt really like my things... its hard to know what people want. but your lovely things should be flying off the shelves ;0)xx
    maybe like lissylou said chrismas fairs? local schools might be interested ;0)xxxx

  5. Jodi I think your stall looks lovely and if I had been at the market I would have been at your stall. I love handmade things, things that people have taken time to make rather than mass produced rubbish. I totally agree with Kandi, lovely stall, crap customers. Please don`t be put off your makes are gorge!

  6. Your stuff is so cute! I have also heard crafters say that some fairs and markets are better than others, maybe thi sone wa sjust one of those rubbish ones! Don't give up, its a hard life being a crafter!!

    Anyway your stuff really is cute :-)

  7. It looks great,so don't let negative comments put you off. And I agree with LissyLou, you need a link to your online shop!
    PS. Love the spotty pegs xxx

  8. I have literally just put a button up for my Folsky shop! Adding items now, it's just taking forever!
    Thankyou for all your lovely comments, it makes me feel better now that i'm not the only one who's had a bad 'first day' :) xx

  9. Hi Jodi
    Sorry to hear you didnt have a good day :(
    dont get discourage from negative people
    where do you sell on line?
    Have you tried Etsy?
    here is the link

    take a look :) and see if you want to give it a try

  10. Sorry you did not have a good day. Your stall looks lovely x Well done x Don't give up - maybe you could try Etsy ?

    Leah x

  11. Oh No, this is so disheartening to read!
    My best friend and I have done two craft stalls and both were also disastrous! We barely made enough each time to cover the cost of the pitch and a cup of tea each! :(
    It is so sad that some people don't appreiciate the time and effort that goes into handmade items.
    One thing is for sure, i'd have cleaned your stall out had I been there!! Your stall and items looking utterly brilliant!! :)

    Bea x

  12. Aww your booth looks beautiful, just come across you blog, so miffed i would have loved to be part of the cup cake blog! Your stuff isnt unlike mine and i find i get the same reactions at craft fairs sometimes. Stick at it though your products are amazing and you will find a craft event and make a killing!! ps my stuff doesn't sell well online atm but i think its a waiting game xx

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