Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank holiday monday

Just thought i'd share with you a new creation.
My cousin Emma is going away to University in September, so i'm making her a box of 'homely' goodies as a suprise leaving present.
I wasn't really sure what to make, but i know she's taking lots of photos of family with her so decided a photo frame was a good idea...

What do you think?
I've put together some bunting aswel, but not sure what else to do...
Do you have any ideas?

On another note!
How is everyones cupcake swap going? Have you all got in touch with your partners? I'm sending my parcel on wednesday, just need to get a few more bits then i'm done :)

I've just started making some christmas bits now, which will be going into my Folksy shop very soon.

It's only a small post today i'm afraid, been very busy cleaning as my family are coming over for a visit tomorrow, so i'm trying to tidy away all my crafty bits!
Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend xx


  1. Hi Jodi
    How about a mug with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows inside? Lavender or otherwise sweet-smelling little bags to have in her wardrobe or put inside her sneakers (students' rooms get a bit niffy sometimes) are nice; a lovely covered notebook to write her thoughts in; some recipes printed inside a book that you've made the cover for yourself - just printed on your home printer with maybe a photo of you or her mum in the kitchen on the front); a cushion cover or two? My daughter, an ex-student, says money but I guess you're thinking homemade?!

    K xx

  2. Keshling beat me to it as I was going to say lavender bags and a covered notebook the idea about the hot choclate and the marshmallows sounds great too.
    maybe a nice snuggly cushion or sock monkey/stuffed friendly monster would be nice too!
    the picture frame that you have made looks lovely - is that felt you have used for the flowers?

  3. Yeah, it's a mixture of felt and cotton fabric. I was thinking maybe a lavender bag, the mug with hot chocolate and marshmallows sounds great!
    She likes my crafty bits, so wanted to make something nice for her. She's a very family oriented girl, and I know she'll miss home.
    Hopefully this will brighten up her student room :)

  4. aww what a cute photo frame! When I went off to Uni I had photos everywhere so I think she will love that :-)