Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Meet Maisy...

I love Mice! So I was very happy to see a lovely friend of mine selling some beautiful little Lavender mice on her Folksy!
She arrived this morning, and smells absolutely divine!
I have called her Maisy :)

She was made by Kandi Pandi 
I don't think i could bare hiding her away in my drawers, so i'm yet to find a new home for her.
Maisy does have siblings, so if you want one go and check out Kandi's shop!

Hope your all having a lovely crafty week!
Jodi xx


  1. Hi,I have only just found you and am loving the things you have been making, look forward to seeing more.Maisy is so cute.Love Jill xx

  2. awww soooo cute! I think she would get lonely if you put her in your drawers! Way too cute for that :-)

  3. Thanks for the kid words honey, I think Maisy suits her!
    Her brothers and sisters have all moved to new homes, I'll have to get cracking making more siblings...
    Kandi xx

  4. Maisy is so cute! Just to say I also recieved a lovely package from Kandi Pandi today my cupcake swop! It is fabulous and I want to say thank-you for organising it all.
    Jo x