Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rainy days and polka dots...

Another rainy day in Oxford, so i got my sewing machine out and made some Polka dot Bunting :) Finlay took a long nap so it was a great opportunity to make something! Only took me 45 minutes to cut out all the fabric and stitch it together. I have got some lovely pink fabric too, but just waiting on some vintage floral fabric to use with it.

Currently waiting on a few fabrics and goodies and looking forward to sharing my creations with you! On another note,  i found this lovely little wicker basket in a charity shop yesterday, a bargain at just £1!! For now its a storage basket for my patchwork squares and buttons :)

Hope everyone is having a good day and not letting the weather get them down, Love to you all xx


  1. Hello Jodi, looking forward to seeing your makes, pop along and look over at my blog and have a look at my basket from a car boot great minds alike eh! have a super weekend and happy blogging.x jackanne

  2. Have seen some gorgeous polka dot fabric in delicious pastel colours in my local shop which I'm saving for to make up some bunting!
    Yours looks lovely!


  3. Thankyou
    I got my fabric on Ebay, it was really cheap! Only £2.50 per metre, great quality and they got lots of different colours to choose from. I got 2 different pinks, but want to use some floral fabric with that. I'm going to make some Mini Bunting for my CK inspired kitchen :)

  4. Just discovered your blog through Bitty Bob. Good job on the bunting and love the wicker storage basket - what a bargain. x

    Have a lovely week.

    Leah x