Monday, 19 December 2011

Advent Swaps and a Crochet Virgin

Another chilly morning in Oxford today
I can't believe it's Christmas in 6 days! Manic!
I've been meaning to update my blog with my recent advent swaps from my lovely twitter friend Judith
Here are the gifts from last week...


Aren't they all fabulous?
I also received 2 Cath Kidston booklets for Day 11 and 19 but i've lost the little tags.
I hope Judith likes her swap items, i've tried my best getting things that she said she likes and enjoys so hopefully i've done my bit :)

With Christmas round the corner, i thought i'd have a go at making some orange and cranberry decorations to hang on each of our doors.
I must say when they were cooking away they smelt delicious! I put them on the radiator for an extra day to make sure they were dry and attatched the cinnamon sticks i brought from a lovely little french market.

I am a Crochet virgin.
I've always wanted to learn and lots of people say it's easier than knitting (which i am a VERY basic knitter) So with my new crochet kit i got from my swap, and a massive book on crochet and knitting for my birthday, i got started. I found it hard learning from the book so turned to good old YouTube for help.
I found a great link to a lady in Australia that teaches how to make little crochet flowers..
For my first ever attempt, i am very pleased with it.
Not bad for my first go eh?

What do you think?
I think i'll turn it into a little brooch for my coat.
I can't believe how easy i found it, i think i'll definatley be sticking to crochet from now on!
Another little project i'm working on is a quilt for my sons 2nd birthday.
He is obsessed with 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' book, so i ordered some lovely fabric online and cut them up into patchwork squares. But i won't show you a picture just yet ;)

Anyway. Hope your all having a lovely christmas break, and all ready for the big day!
Love to you all, Jodi xx


  1. You have some beautiful gifts there from Judith, that handmade angel hanger is just beautiful!
    Judith commissioned the crochet hook roll and bag from me, it's Alexander Henry fabrics. Isn't she thoughtful, she will soon have you hooked (pun intended lol).
    Your little flower is a great start you will be addicted before you know it!
    Kandi x

  2. You clever thing, your flower is lovely - I keep trying to crochet but keep giving up!

    Did my little Xmas dec box get to you ok BTW? My laptop died and has only been meneded today so I've been out of things rather lately!


  3. Kandi: I thought i recognized the handwriting on the little tags ;)
    They are beautiful hun, and that fabric is gorgeous!
    Have you received your birthday/christmas cards yet?
    Rae: YES! I did recieve it, thankyou so much. Sorry i never got back to you, been so busy flapping about christmas. Having a nightmare with our bank at the moment and i haven't got my turkey!
    The flower was suprisingly easy, i thought it was easier than knitting actually! Definatley keep going at it, i found youtube to be quite helpful!

    OSB xx

  4. I wish i could crochet! i've been trying to learn for ages....clearly I have knitters hands haha!!