Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cross Stitch Fever

I've always loved Cross Stitch, but never managed to finish any projects... I got this fantastic book the other day, and have been Cross Stitch crazy ever since! I've never tried lettering before and this was my first attempt...

Country Cross Stitch, 99p on Ebay!
Children's Alphabet Letters
Farmhouse Projects

I was very pleased when i received the book, it has over 500 designs and will definatley keep me busy over the half term!

I also managed to complete my first ever cross stitch in just 3 hours! I buy the CrossStitcher Magazine every month, they have some beautiful little projects for beginners right up to Pro's. I'm just a Beginner at the moment, but i'm sure in time i'll be a pro. I'm currently designing my own Cross Stitch, so keep a look out!

Are any of my lovely followers fellow Cross-Stitch fans? I would love to see your designs and completed pieces!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and enjoying your week :)

Love to you all xx

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  1. I have recently had the erge to do some cross stitch - never ever attempted in my life before but on Mollie Makes website they had/have a competition to win a cushion with the most amazing cross stitch design and I thought I would really like to try this out.

    That book looks very interesting with lots of little project ideas and I like the little soldier x

    Leah x