Friday, 23 December 2011

Mince Pie Stars and Palmiers

Just thought i'd share with you my yummy cooking creations from this morning.
I won't take all the credit though.
Lorraine Pascale is one of my favourite pastry chefs, and while watching her show last night
(Lorraine Pascale's Last Minute Christmas)
I was inspired by her Mince Pie recipe.
Here's how mine turned out. I am rather pleased!

My Mince Pie Stars

These yummy delights are Palmiers, great for parties or an alternative for dipping in soup.
This recipe was taken from Lorraine's 'Baking Made Easy' Book.
Hopefully her new cookery book is waiting under my Christmas tree!

Sun Dried Tomato and Rosemary Palmiers
How delicious do they look!?
I guess you could make them with a variety of fillings, but this was the first time i'd made them. So maybe when i'm a bit more confident i'll try something new :)

These are suppose to be for christmas, but honestly?
I don't think they'll last that long! Hahaha xx


  1. The stars look fab, I love what you have done to make them look so different to your standard mince pie's. Have a great Christmas and a very happy new year x x x x

  2. Looks so yummy! Have a fab Christmas x

  3. Ive awarded you an award on my blog, Im not sure whether you have received one already, but I hope your enjoy it. Love Katie x

  4. These look so yummy!! making me really hungry :)

  5. Hi just popping in to let you know I have nominated you for The versatile blogger award you can find all the details on my blog.Love Jill xx

  6. Hi do you possibly have the recipe for the mince pie stars as I would like to make them for my christmas hampers. Thanks :) xx

  7. Hi, I was also hoping you might be able to give me the recipe for the mince pie stars. I missed her piece on James Martin's program and can't find the recipe anywhere. Was hoping to make them for the work Christmas party this week. Thanks :-)

  8. Ive just found the episode on bbc iplayer, its about 35mins into the programe :)